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Why Organic Fruits are Better

It seems more and more people these days know to go ‘organic’ when it comes to their fruit. Many of us understand some basic reasons for why organic is better, but there are also some fundamental differences between organic and non-organic fruit. The USDA’s farmers marketNational Organic Program defines organics as, ” A production system this is managed to respond to site-specific conditions by integrating cultural, biological and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

The problem with non-organic fruit is the high concentration of pesticides. There are about 12 fruits and vegetables to avoid unless you are buying organic. The Environmental Working Group, a exposure of 90% by avoiding the “dirty dozen.”  The following are ranked in order of highest toxicity: peaches, apples, celery, sweet bell peppers, nectarines, strawberries, potatoes, cherries, lettuce, imported grapes, pears and spinach.

The good news is that there are several fruits and vegetables that are very clean. The “cleanest dozen” are ranked in order of lowest pesticide load to highest and are as follows: avocado, onions, sweet corn (frozen), pineapple, mango, asparagus, sweet peas (frozen), kiwi, bananas, cabbage and broccoli. You will note that these fruits and vegetables have a thick outer skin, that keeps the pesticide concentration low.

Even though these foods a tad bit more expensive, people who are conscious of the environment don’t mind the extra buck they need to pay as long as they feel they are doing something constructive for the environment and for themselves.

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Why Just Rinsing Fruits & Vegetables Is Not Enough

Unfortunately, most of the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket are covered in wax, germs, pesticides, soil, herbicides and a whole host of other chemical contaminants. If not washed properly, you may ingest these harmful chemicals.

A quick rinse under sink water is not sufficient to properly clean our fruits and veggies before we eat them, due to the fact that the agricultural industry makes their pesticides, herbicides and most other agricultural chemicals waterproof. The use of wax to make sure fruits and veggies look nice is another way all of these harmful chemicals are sealed onto the food product surface.

The pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, road dirt, supermarket dirt, molds, fungi, waxes and more, are usually on the beautiful apples, pears, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables before you eat them. Besides the dirt and other chemicals just mentioned, numerous strangers in the field and in the supermarket have handled your fruit or vegetables before you bought them!

Plain water, alone, just doesn’t get all those chemicals and dirt off before you eat it.

The Natural Solution to Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Many folks in the US and around the world are now finding a solution with vegetable washes and food sanitization systems. Here are a few options:

  1. Vermont Soap Organics Produce Magic – It’s made with organic oils and makes food taste better! Natural soaps have been safely used by humans for thousands of years and harmful detergents for less than a hundred. Doesn’t it make sense that a natural, organic soap safer for you and your family?
  2. Lotus Sanitizing System LSR100 – The lotus® Home Cleaning System infuses water with ozone, in the Multi-Purpose Bowl included with the system, to reduce bacteria and pesticides on foods. You can also use lotus to infuse water in the Multi-Purpose Spray Bottle attachment and sanitize surfaces with one of the lotus® Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, also included with the system.

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