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Should You Use a Garden Hose Filter?

Benefits of garden hose filter

Your garden or flowerbed consists of an very important ecosystem, which maximizes the disease resistance of your plants. This ecosystem under threat by the use of toxic chlorine. Free chlorine (CL2) cannot tell the difference between harmful pathogenic bacteria and the beneficial bacteria in your garden’s soil. A dechlorinator keeps your plants healthier by removing the chlorine that kills beneficial bacteria in your garden soil.
The life in the ecosystem is a key component of your garden. Plants depend on specific species of mold, bacteria, and some beneficial insects to get nutrients, eat predators, fertilize flowers and defend against disease. These soil organisms act as a support network for your garden. Many gardeners who don’t use a garden hose filter, kill off these supporting organisms, and create an environment susceptible to insect infestations.
By attaching an inline water filters to your existing garden hose, you will give your backyard, garden, and any of your outdoor plants healthy chlorine-free spray water. These systems are simple, effective, and inexpensive filtration device that will improve your your growing efforts.

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