Benefits of Compostable Bags

Most people are interested in knowing how and why eco-friendly products should be used. The market for plastic bags, bottles, and foodservice products that are biodegradable or compostable is growing at an ever increasing rate. The use of compostable plastics to replace traditional plastics can have many potential positive environmental benefits, such as lower the amount of fossil fuel created products, reducing landfill waste and leading to the development of new innovative sustainable and biodegradable products.

What are the prominent uses of the compostable plastic products? 

  • Food scrap diversion – instrumental in the process of diverting left over food from landfills.
  • Co-collection of food scraps and service ware in institutional and restaurants.

What are the main types of recyclable trash bags?

  • Compostable Trash Bags – This type of bags break down more quickly than biodegradable bags. They will completely decompose under ideal circumstances in 10-45 days.
  • Biodegradable Trash Bags – These kinds of bags break down into CO2 and water when disposed of in commercial landfills. This process can take 1 to 3 years.

What are the key benefits of compostable bags?

  • Easy to identify
  • Designed to fit most common organic collection systems/containers
  • Becomes part of the compost produced
  • Bag design allows for reduced moisture content by up to 25% within 4 – 5 days, which minimizes usual odorous results.

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